Q: What sort of business are you guys exactly?

A: We are a small, locally owned video game retail store located in Boise, Idaho.

Q: Didn’t you used to rent video games and movies?

A: Due to a variety of factors (including general market changes and, quite frankly, lots of rental theft/fraud over the years), we have discontinued our rental program. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Q: Why do I keep seeing references to BT Game Vault on your site?

A: We used to be called BT Game Vault in our not-so-distant past. Since then we’ve changed things enough that we thought a new name was in order.

Q: Hey, I keep posting comments on your blog, but they never show up. What gives?

A: While VIP GameStore is not against your using post comments to establish links to your site (it’s a technique we sometimes use ourselves), we do believe you have to add something to the conversation. We believe you should have to work a little for your links. Comments such as “Hey, great site! Have you thought about writing professionally?” may be flattering, but are not relevant to the post topic. At least act like you’ve read the post and make some attempt to address the topic and we’ll probably approve it.

Q: Are you affiliated with iOS/Android developer “VIP Games”?

A: No we are not, and cannot answer any questions about charges on your credit card or your phone bill from such an entity.


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