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No Used Allowed an update

Well, The assault continues.  Thq, the publishers of UFC Undisputed 2010, have included in their game a nasty little feature.  Each game comes with a one use only code for online play.  You can activate the code, on one machine only, to play online.  After that, if the game is used on another machine, you […]

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Hark! What lies through yon story break

The other day I was thinking about the two gulf wars and some of the reporting that took place in them.  I think my favorite was when it was reported that “the victorious Iraqi armies were staging a glorious retreat before a defeated and demoralized American army advancing in total panic.”  Now, journalistic integrity aside, […]

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No Used Allowed! (part 2)

As I mentioned last time, a serious, as I see it,  problem is developing with the video game software developers/manufacturers.  They don’t feel that you should ever own your video games.  I guess that raises the question of,  “what do I mean by own?”  Specifically, I mean that you can re-sell it.  Currently, you can […]

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Which console do I buy?

At my job I’m frequently asked, “Which console is best?” or, “Which console should I buy?” or, “Which console do you recommend?”   Those are all good questions that a new gaming platform buyer should ask, but these questions are not quite the ones that should be asked, and the answer is likely a bit […]

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Worth what you pay for it

One of my favorite sayings is that “Free advice is usually worth every penny that you paid for it.”  Sometimes it is worth more.  Sometimes, though, you overpaid for it!  Like the time that someone told Tiger Woods, “Go ahead, you’re covered.  No one can possibly find out!” Well, sometimes we get caught in the […]

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