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Ich Bin Ein VIP-Gamestorian!

Here’s our second commercial, a little more low-key, but complete with celebrity impersonations: VIP Games – Presidents

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It’s 8638 Overland!

Here’s one of our commercials, a spoof on the “They’re taking the hobbits to Isengard” video one famous on YouTube. VIP Games – Hobbits-REV-101810

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NERF goes Halo!

[brightcove vid=88459326001&exp3=22881388001&surl=] Halo fan makes a NERF assault rifle

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Name That Game – 5/26/10

What game is this? Put your guess in a comment below:


Name That Game – 5/20/10

Do you recognize this game from a piece of it’s cover? Have a guess? Leave your guess in the comments!

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