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Zombies in the night…

Our latest commercial…because everybody loves zombies! VIP Games- Bill the Zombie

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Ich Bin Ein VIP-Gamestorian!

Here’s our second commercial, a little more low-key, but complete with celebrity impersonations: VIP Games – Presidents

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Finally, the Halo Movie!

Let the heavens ring with the joy of millions of gamers worldwide!!  Check out this video and enjoy the rapture!!! [youtube=]

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Silicon and Video Games

I was examining a new copy of “Heavy Rain” today and it occurred to me: are there any flat-chested women in video games? Outside of manga-inspired titles, anyway. Does anyone really pay attention to all these enhanced chests in video games, or are the game designers just stereo-typing their audience? It gets a bit insulting […]

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Where to go with Gaming

I believe that it was Albert Camus who said (and this is at best a loose paraphrase), “Life is a quest to recreate our first few great experiences.”  I have thought about this quote many times since it was first thrust upon me back in my college days at You old Fogey U, and I […]


ESRB ratings we'd like to see

Now that we’ve all had a chance to get used to the ESRB ratings, they’ve become about as meaningless as the MPAA ratings on movies, haven’t they. “M”, for example, covers a pretty wide range of material, and if it weren’t for the additional explanations on the back cover you’d never know for sure what […]

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