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Online shipping redux

We have caught up with our online order shipping. All of you hoping to get your packages before Christmas…well, it’s in the hands of the postal service now. Thank you all!

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Online shipping update

All orders that came in over the weekend have been shipped. Any orders that came in today will be shipped tomorrow. Thank you!

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Last-minute online shopping

We got about twice our usual number of orders this weekend–it appears a lot of people are procrastinating right up to the edge of the online shipping envelope. We will do our absolute best to get all orders processed and shipped today, but we will ship them in the order we received them. With any […]

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X360 games for the holidays has released their list of the top 5 X360 games for the holidays. They also list their top 5 PS3 games and top 5 Wii games. And for good measure, here is their comparison of the Kinect/Move/Wii systems.

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Buying video games online

Buying new and used video games online can be a great way to pick up some bargains if you know how to shop. There are a few things one should watch out for, however. Here are some bits of useful advice we have gleaned from being on both sides of the online sales deal. Where […]

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Which console do I buy?

At my job I’m frequently asked, “Which console is best?” or, “Which console should I buy?” or, “Which console do you recommend?”   Those are all good questions that a new gaming platform buyer should ask, but these questions are not quite the ones that should be asked, and the answer is likely a bit […]

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