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No Used Allowed an update

Well, The assault continues.  Thq, the publishers of UFC Undisputed 2010, have included in their game a nasty little feature.  Each game comes with a one use only code for online play.  You can activate the code, on one machine only, to play online.  After that, if the game is used on another machine, you […]

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That's all I get for my game?!?

I’ve heard that question quite a lot over the years as people have brought me their used games.  People who, understandably, are a bit unhappy with the disparity between what they think that their game is worth and what I can offer them for it.  Sadly, though there are good reasons for this, knowing that […]

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No Used Allowed! (part 2)

As I mentioned last time, a serious, as I see it,  problem is developing with the video game software developers/manufacturers.  They don’t feel that you should ever own your video games.  I guess that raises the question of,  “what do I mean by own?”  Specifically, I mean that you can re-sell it.  Currently, you can […]

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Which console do I buy?

At my job I’m frequently asked, “Which console is best?” or, “Which console should I buy?” or, “Which console do you recommend?”   Those are all good questions that a new gaming platform buyer should ask, but these questions are not quite the ones that should be asked, and the answer is likely a bit […]

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No Used Allowed!

I’m a little older than some gamers (i.e. I was around when the only way to have fun with electricity was to dare my buddy, gug  [capitalization hadn’t been invented yet] to run across a hill with a bronze pole during a lightning storm).  So I think about a few things that many gamers don’t.  […]

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